Treee is partner of ERMA (European Raw Materials Alliance), a body launched by the European Commission on 29 September 2020, as part of the Critical Raw Materials Action Plan.

EIT Rawmaterials, whose Treee is an official partner, will manage the stakeholder consultation process across the entire raw material value chain, working with an innovation-driven community, which brings together more than 150 industrial and non-industrial actors with the common objective of ensuring the supply of sustainable raw materials and advanced materials for industrial ecosystems in order to build Europe’s resilience and competitiveness.

EIT Rawmaterials, launched and funded by the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology), is the world’s largest raw materials consortium. Its vision is to transform raw materials into one of the main strengths for Europe. Its mission is to enable the sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the value chain by driving innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

The European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) aims to make Europe more economically resilient by diversifying its supply chains, creating jobs, attracting investment in the raw materials value chain, promoting innovation, training young talents and contributing to the best enabling framework for raw materials and the circular economy in the world. The Alliance faces the challenge of ensuring access to sustainable raw materials, advanced materials and industrial processing know-how. By 2030, the activities of ERMA will increase the production of raw and advanced materials and will support the circular economy by promoting the recovery and recycling of critical raw materials, through the following objectives: • Support the creation of environmentally sustainable and socially equitable innovations and infrastructures; • Implement a circular economy of complex products such as electric vehicles, clean technologies and hydrogen equipment; • Support the ability of the European raw materials industry to extract, design, produce and recycle materials; • Promote innovation, strategic investments and industrial production through specific value chains.

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