RAISE, Raw mAterials Students IntErnships, is a European educational project of the area  «Wider Society Learning Activity» within EIT RawMaterials ACADEMY, coordinated by CNR and funded by EIT Rawmaterials.

RAISE allows access to second grade secondary school students to internships in research laboratories / companies operating in the raw materials and secondary raw materials sector. RAISE addresses a demand for professional guidance born within schools, raising awareness among young people on career opportunities in the field of raw materials, offering them tools that allow for a conscious involvement of university studies in disciplines related to raw materials. Motivated pupils are asked to access two / three weeks of internship focused on the thematic pillars of the KICs.

The first internship path in Italy, started and concluded during 2020, was organized by CNR in a block of 2 weeks of online meetings on the impact of raw materials on the economy and on our society, with a special focus on economic issues. circular, and, on the impact of research activities on the value chain of raw materials.                

Given the encouraging results, the 2nd path in Italy will start from 23 June 2021. Treee, involved in the RAISE partnership, will take part on July 1st in the meeting focused on the industrial sector and WEEE.                                            

More information on RAISE: http://www.projectraise.eu/

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