Treee has developed its own network of intermediation thanks to which it operates throughout the national territory with plants and conveyors able to manage complex processes of integrated logistics and reverse logistics.

Our added value is:

  • Operativity: offer of a logistic solution able to support the Customer throughout the territory and for all types of withdrawal;
  • Compliance: ability to overcome the main regulatory obstacles (such as the complexity of laws and decrees and the need for interaction between rules sometimes apparently contradictory);
  • Documentation: availability of complete traceability of services through a proprietary online platform shared throughout the supply chain.


Treee is placed as an intermediary, between manufacturer and transport companies/ disposers, to ensure the correctness of all administrative and logistical flows. Using Treee for the management of its special waste allows to:

  • Achieve a high awareness of the critical and also criminal responsibilities related to the storage, transport and disposal of special waste (especially if hazardous);
  • Ensure that all materials collected and processed by Treee will be managed in accordance with the most stringent BAT and, above all, in full compliance with all local, national and Community legislation on waste, the environment, safety and criminal liability of the authorities.
  • Obtain significant economic optimisations resulting from the important economies of scale that Treee develops with its operating partners and that it makes available to the Customer.
treee compliance and services


Treee designs from scratch the most suitable solution for the customer’s needs.

Starting from the latter, it is our care to evaluate, measure and give life to an effective logistic, operational and documentary process, monitored and measurable in all its phases through our traceability system.

All of Treee’s services include our traceability system, which offers full visibility into:

  • Retreat status
  • Outcomes
  • Scans of all planned documentation

The system has been structured to allow online access on a customized page or to interface with your platforms constantly updated to integrate any legal changes or operational and documentary needs.

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